Solo/Duo Exhibitions

Solo/Duo Exhibitions


“Six Nights a Year”, a 28-piece fully updated exhibition, Bobick Gallery, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA


“Civil Twilight”, a 30-piece exhibition produced specifically for the Decatur Area Arts Council, Decatur, IL

“Six Nights a Year”, a 30-piece fully updated exhibition, St. Clair County          Community College, Port Huron, MI

“Six Nights a Year”, Gallery 1101, Southern Illinois University,         Carbondale, IL

“Six Nights a Year”, Kirwen Art Center, Elmore, OH


“Six Nights a Year, a 125-piece, fully updated multi-media exhibition, Tribecca Gallery, Paducah, KY


“Six Nights a Year; Images, 1989 – 1995”

Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, IL


“Six Nights a Year; Images, 1989 – 2004”

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

“Silver and Platinum; Conceptual Comparisons”

Kaskaskia Community College, Kaskaskia, IL

“Civil Twilight”, an updated, 25-piece selection of the original document
examining 19th-century grain elevators as icons of small-town evolution,

Maiden Alley Gallery, Paducah, KY


“Bridging the Movements”, a 20-piece exhibit of neo-modernist work
depicting planned obsolescence within American industry,

Strider Gallery, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY

“Civil Twilight”, a 50-piece show based in visual anthropology, examining
19th-century grain elevators as icons of evolution within rural America,

Gallery HQ, Carbondale, IL (inaugural showing)


“Six Nights a Year; An Updated Selection”, The McClelland Gallery,
Findlay Area Arts Council, Findlay, OH


“Two Views: Alan Detrich and Chris Walker”, Angelwood Gallery,
Waterville, OH


“Six Nights a Year”, a 60-piece social documentary exploring the coming of
age for young Americans under the lights of the Midwest’s county fairs,

The Detroit Art Center, Detroit, MI (inaugural showing)


“Spiritual Extractions”, a 25-piece portfolio of landscape abstractions,
The Franciscan Life Gallery, Sylvania, OH (inaugural showing)