Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

A.  Teaching Record:

2014 – Present

Minnesota State University – Moorhead; Assistant Professor

  • Basic Photography (five sections)
  • Photojournalism (three sections)
  • Documentary Photography (two sections)
  • Photo Editing (two sections)
  • Photo Story (two sections)
  • Online Journalism Workshop (two section)

2012 – 2014

Loyola University Maryland; Visiting Affiliate Professor

  • Basic Digital Photography (eight sections)
  • Studio Lighting (one section)
  • Portraiture (one section)
  • Photojournalism (one section)
  • Silver Processes (one section)
  • Advanced Silver Processes (one section)
  • The Interpretive Landscape (one section)

2011 – 2012

University of Southern Indiana; Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Photography I (three sections)
  • Photography II (two sections)
  • Alternative Processes (two sections)
  • Artificial Lighting (one section)
  • Special Problems in Art (two sections)
  • Introduction to Digital Photo Imaging (one section)

2007 – 2011

Auburn University; Assistant Professor

  • Basic Photojournalism (16 sections)
  • Photostory (two sections)
  • Middle American Places and Issues (one section)
  • Publication Photography (one section)

2006 – 2007

Webster University, St. Louis, MO; Adjunct Faculty

  • Photo II (two sections)
  • Photo Science (two sections)
  • The Long Exposure: Night, Pinhole, and More… (one section)

2006 – 2007

Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL; Adjunct Faculty/Discipline Coordinator

  • Photo I (three sections)
  • Applied Photo (two sections)

2004 – 2006

St. Clair County CC, Port Huron, MI; Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Middle American Places and Issues (one session)
  • Alternative Cameras & Presentation (one session)
  • The Lengthy Exposure (three summer sessions)

2004 – 2005

Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, IL; Adjunct Faculty

  • Basic Photography (two sections)

2003 – 2005

Anna-Jonesboro Community High School, Anna, IL; Substitute Teacher

  • General Assignment (five semesters)

1998 – 2003

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL; Graduate Assistant
Department of Cinema and Photography

  • Low Light Photography, (co-instructor)
  • The West Coast Landscape (instructor)
  • Multiple Imaging (co-instructor of record)
  • History of Still Photography (instructor of record)
    (required for C&P photography majors)

Department of Art and Design

  • Photography for Art and Design Majors (instructor of record)
    (required for Art and Design majors) (two sections)


Lourdes College, Sylvania, OH; Adjunct Faculty

  • Techniques in Nature Photography

1991 – 1992

Terra State Community College, Fremont, OH; Adjunct Faculty

  • Photography I (four sections)

B.  Workshops/Artist Visitations/Events Organized:


Two-weekend workshop for MSUM Wildlife Society,
Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN


Gallery Talk, “Six Nights a Year,” University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA


Visiting Artist, “Strategies and Complications in Long-term Documentary Photography,” University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

Hosted artist Eric Robinson MFA, SIUC, for a lecture and showing of ambrotypes from his project “Other Ways of Living”, illustrating life in a community of founding members of “The 15 Association,” University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN


Co-organizer, “Multidisciplinary Approaches to Cultural and Historic Preservation at Auburn University”, a colloquium with Dr. Kristrina Schuler, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Auburn University, Auburn, AL


Organizer, “Middle American Places and Issues”; a student/faculty exhibit of work from the summer-session class of the same name,
Studio 1219, Pt. Huron, MI


Organizer, “Summer Sessions”; a student exhibit of work from the Alternative Cameras & Presentation and Lengthy Exposure classes,
Patrick Burke Gallery, St. Clair County CC, Pt. Huron, MI

Photography for Artists; a five-day workshop for area artists,
Southern Illinois University Craft Shop, Carbondale, IL


Co-organizer, “Art in Environmental Activism”; an international juried exhibit of art from artists of the eight Great Lakes States and Provinces,
St. Clair County Community College, Port Huron, MI

Organizer, “The Lengthy Exposure”; a student/faculty exhibit of work from the summer-session class of the same name,
Backdoor Internet Café and Gallery, Port Huron, MI

Taking Control of Your Camera; a five-day workshop for students and area residents,
Southern Illinois University Craft Shop, Carbondale, IL


Organizer, “A Colloquium on Agrarian Evolution”; with guest lectures by Dr. Jane Adams, a regional anthropologist and three-time author, and Bruce Selyem, a widely-published documentarian and president of the Country Grain Elevator Historical Society, Bozeman, MT,

The Paducah Film Society, Paducah, KY


Visiting Artist, a two-day, on-campus seminar
Morehead State University, Morehead, KY


“Translations”, a weekend workshop in Wayne National Forest, OH,
Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Oak Harbor, OH

C.  Teaching Interests and Specialties:

Fine art, documentary, and environmental concerns.

Research and aesthetic specializations include visual anthropology, contemporary landscape, multiple imaging, experimental lighting, photojournalism, and stock photography

Technical skills include Photoshop CS, platinum/palladium printmaking, sensitometry (i.e., the Zone System), large format photography, C-printing, Polaroid transfer, Ilfochrome Classic (Cibachrome), hand coloring, stereography, and tri-color processes